Posted May 26th 2017

Position Description

Who you?d be working with

Our main product at the moment is our Chrome Extension. The extension has almost entirely been written by Anton in Russia. You?d be working with him to understand the existing code and seeing how we can add testing to the JavaScript/Vue.js codebase. Catlin is in our office working on an Electron version of the Chrome Extension. In only a few months he?s built up a solid understanding of the extension code and is building our Electron implementation on top of it. You?d be working with him to make sure we have testing in place for its release later this year.

Adam has built the backend for our extension - our internal API. We are transitioning to a new version of our API built in Python/Django. You?ll be working with both him and Matt who are working on the rewrite and transition. We want to make sure that nothing is missed during the transition and that we have solid tests in place for the new version.

Matt (a different one) is in charge of integrating our software with our customers? websites. It?s done through a somewhat complex process of reading their websites and using that information to create automated classified ads. You?ll be working with Matt as he leads the charge to transition us to a better way of doing things. You?ll be responsible for understanding the process and figuring out how we can test it.

As new product ideas are developed, you?d also be involved with them as well to make sure they are tested from the start.

Everyone on the team ultimately reports to Adam (the other one) and we?re expecting to have a Product Leader job description posted soon to help coordinate and manage software development.


How you?ll work at Rooof

We all start work at 8am (or earlier if you prefer) Monday-Friday and we work 37.5 hours/week. This job reports to work in Victoria, BC in our head office. We love teamwork and we want to hang out with you!

We take turns watching for explosions on weekends, but we?re lucky that we?ve never had office hours on weekends and just about every fire can be put out on Monday.

You can pretty much take vacation any time that you want, as long as we have someone to cover for you. If you need an extended vacation to cross something off your bucket list, then we can probably accommodate a leave of absence with some advanced notice.

Learning and self-improvement is a company-wide priority. We want to keep our spot as the best software company in our category, and that means that we each need to invest in ourselves. If you need some money to enroll in a course or buy some smart books, then just let us know!

There is no travel required for this job, but we like everyone to keep their passport current in case something interesting pops up in the USA. It doesn?t happen often, but we like people who are willing to travel as a team if needed.

Everyone here has mastered the art of adult-ing, so you don?t need to punch a clock, keep track of your hours, or ask a manager if you can leave early for a dentist appointment. We pay you to accept a responsibility and then deliver on it, we don?t pay for attendance like your first job in high-school.

We?ve got a shiny new (May 2017) office in Market Square with cliché exposed brick walls. We sit in comfy Hermann Miller chairs and we work on new computers. We generally suck at making coffee, so we leave that up to the hipster coffee shop below us.


What does your day look like?

If you?re self-driven with a QA background, this role will be right up your alley. We?re looking for someone who wants to take ownership of their role and basically build out their own plan. As such, the way you go about getting QA in place and how you structure your day will be up to you.

Most likely, the first month or two will be getting up to speed with our different systems and where things are at. You?ll be talking a lot to our other engineers to understand how things work and asking a lot of questions.

While doing that you?ll probably be developing a plan of what you?d like to tackle first and then figuring out how to implement your plan.

You?ll be writing tests in JavaScript, Python and Selenium (or another framework that can test a browser extension).

We use Sumo Logic for logging, monitoring and alerts. You?ll write some searches in Sumo that will alert us if something is breaking in production.


What success looks like

After you?ve been here for 6 months, there will probably have been some releases that were stopped because it broke something and we only noticed because of the processes and testing you had put in place. You?ll have saved hours of customer support time.

Our release processes will be streamlined. You?ll have implemented continuous integration so that our code is constantly being pushed through the testing pipeline and being released. Our engineering team will no longer have to worry about and spend time on releasing manually.

You?ll have contributed a large number of tests to all our different codebases.

Through your focus on testing and QA, you?ll have helped us improve our development practices and helped everyone grow as developers.

You?ll have contributed to setting up dashboards and monitoring so that we?ll know earlier on if something is broken. 


Compensation ? just in case fun people and great product isn?t enough!

We pay based on experience.

Health, dental, vision, and other benefits for you and your family (after 90 days)

Three weeks of paid vacation

Bonus vacation December 26-31, but we take turns on call.


Who are you?

You have 3+ years of QA experience

You have experience planning QA roadmaps

You have experience implementing QA on existing systems as well as new products

You are self-driven and pro-active. You?ll be expected to take ownership of everything QA-related.

It bugs you if a customer sees something that isn?t working and it could have been prevented

You look to solve the root problem instead of band-aid solutions

You communicate well. You?ll be our internal champion for QA and will need to work well with our other engineers to make sure they understand the importance of testing and writing their code in a modular and testable manner.

You have a current passport and are permitted entry to the United States. This job doesn't have any planned travel at the moment, however, if a cool conference comes up then we want to be able to go!

Additional Information

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Company Description

Rooof sells software to property management companies in the USA on monthly recurring subscriptions. On-site users at each property use our software to automatically put classified advertisements on the internet using our browser extension (and pending Electron implementation) that mimics human-like browser-interactions. Instead of making classified ads manually, our software does all the work. Our software is used in over 2,000 apartment buildings by over 5,000 users.

Rooof was founded in 2012 to improve how the rental-housing industry advertises their vacancies. People love our software because it writes great performing ads and because we have automated a task that they despise. We are preparing to build new software for our existing customers to meet other needs, unrelated to classified ad automation.

We are a team of twelve with head offices in Victoria, BC. Nine of us are located in Victoria, BC, with sales in Phoenix and two off-site software engineers. Read more about us on our Team web page.