Posted June 19th 2017

Position Description

Job Description 
You will: 

Work closely with product management, design and internal teams to understand needs of our customers and quickly iterate to build features. 
Hold yourself accountable for engineering excellence, our customers depend on you to build flawless scalable systems. 
Take on green field opportunities as we attack new markets with features and products. 
Have the opportunity to explore and build features across the entire technical stack, from the database all the way to the clients. 
Apply state of the art technology as it?s developed to creatively solve problems ? everything needs to be fast and real-time. 
Work with extraordinary engineers. 

You have: 

2+ years of relevant professional experience 
A portfolio of products/projects that you can show us. 
You currently code and build products in your daily job. (Not looking for simple web design, sorry). 
Data and metrics-oriented mindset: you want your work to be measurable and impactful. 
Client empathy: you understand your clients needs and requirements. 
Technology We Use: 
React.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongo.db, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 
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Company Description


We operate in full-stack project teams, with our engineers and designers working side-by-side. Our teams are small and our organization structure is hub-based rather than hierarchal to ensure the speed of execution and so the best ideas always get heard.

If you have a great idea and the will to see it through, you can effect great change. Nothing is off limits?we?re constantly looking for improvements to our products, our processes, and our people. All voices are equal at Naborly?we hire people to have an opinion and to be creative. We?re intolerant of office politics, ego, and power brokers. If your idea makes the most sense then it?s what we?re doing, regardless of your title or seniority.


Our products reflect our culture. Naborly makes it possible for landlords and tenants to do business with more transparency and honesty. Easy to use and beautifully designed products are our imperative. Accordingly our company is designed so that anyone, no matter your job title or experience level, can develop and execute on a good idea.


Deciding where someone can or cannot live is an incredible responsibility, one that our company does not take lightly. Accordingly our team is dedicated to making sure that every tenant that applies using our service is assessed with the highest ethical standards, without prejudice toward race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics.