Posted May 17th 2017

Position Description

Our Tech Stack:

We're mostly a Java, JavaScript and React shop but, services can be built in any way to get the job done.

We're huge proponents of code reviews, continuous implementation, extensive testing and frequent deployments to allow us to respond in real-time.

The Role & What You'll Do:

  • Build something new, real and of value to Canadian (and eventually global!) consumers;
  • Improve our platform and products by adding new functionality and enhance what we've already built;
  • Try new things, take risks, maintain your own timelines and meet aggressive deadlines;
  • Contribute to our web stack - from static HTML and CSS to our comprehensive React-based application interacting with the Java backend;
  • Extend and create reusable JS/CSS libraries and components;
  • Work cross-functionally with our product team to build and transform Sketch and Photoshop files into beautiful, fast, user friendly web pages; and
  • Brainstorm with product and sales teams to conceptualize and design new features.


Who You Are & What's Required:

  • Post-secondary education or equivalent experience;
  • 1-2 years building and architecting single-page web apps using React or another JS framework;
  • Someone who loves the small details that bring together a beautiful UI that has strong design sensibilities and a focus on UX;
  • Adept at writing robust, extensible and efficient code; and
  • Someone who has a knack for solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Bonus or Nice to Haves:

  • Experience in a startup environment;
  • You spend time working on your own software projects and learning about new technologies; and
  • Preference will be given to those who can show us what they can do through:
    • GitHub
    • Stack Overflow
    • Live CodePen links
    • On-the-web examples of your work

Company Description

Grow?s enterprise financial technology is powering a new generation of data-driven banking products and services. We offer SaaS Fintech solutions to financial service providers to empower them to become ?Fintech? providers in their own right. We are on a mission to save people time, money and stress related to personal finance, using technology and data analytics.

In 2015, Grow raised one of Canada?s largest seed rounds; our engineering team has more than tripled in size in the past year; and we recently won TechVibes Startup of the Year, KPMG?s 2016 Fintech 100, and were one of Deloitte?s Fast 50 Companies to Watch in 2016.