Posted April 6th 2017

Position Description

Maluuba is poised to disrupt the customer experience and voice assist industry. We are looking for a talented and motivated Product Manager to build the next generation of technology from the ground up.

Maluuba has developed pioneering deep learning technology that allows machines read and comprehend written material and converse with humans in a natural way. If you join our team, you will lead the development of a product roadmap and strategy as well as supervise the execution of the product vision by engineering and research teams to ensure the product is delivered on time and exceeds our customer?s expectations.



In this role you will:

  • Develop detailed product roadmap and strategy for Maluuba's platform, based from usability studies, research and market analysis
  • Develop robust product specifications for engineering teams to follow
  • Ensure product developed meets specifications and is delivered on time to customers


Company Description

Maluuba?s goal is to achieve Artificial General Intelligence by teaching machines to think, reason and communicate like humans. We?re an early leader in using deep and reinforcement learning to solve language-understanding problems and in training machines to model the decision-making capabilities of the human brain. Based in the global AI hub of Montréal, our team consists of experts in their respective fields.