Posted May 22nd 2017

Position Description

Job Description

As our product engineering lead you?ll get to make lots of product decisions that define our roadmap and experience first-hand how your work is impacting our users. You?ll be one of the first few employees and eventually will help lead the growing team. You?ll get to start projects from scratch, design, implement, ship it to users, get their direct feedback, and iterate from there.
You?ll work very closely with the rest of our small but fast growing team. 
Some of the questions you?ll get to answer: - How can you visualize thousands of data points parsed out of speech to make them useful and actionable to our nontechnical users? - How can you make our tool the hub of for all conversational intelligence data for the company and make it easy and intuitive to use? - How can you integrate dozens of data inputs and empower our users to tell a coherent story with all of that data. - How do you parse useful insights that help our users make crucial business decisions out the unstructured chaos of human conversations? - How do we build a massive company?


Familiar with scientific computing (e.g in Python) 
B.Sc. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or s/w Engineering 
Minimum 5 years of experience in software development 
Proven track-record of leadership, excellence & creativity 
Great interpersonal communication skills 
Highly responsible, enthusiastic and thorough 
Ability and initiative to handle end-to-end responsibilities 


An opportunity to work with other top talents to solve complex challenges. 
First-hand entrepreneurial experience. 
To experiment with state-of-the-art technologies. 
Access to tons of real-life data in the context of real-life problems. 
A high-profile company with access to top customers. 
We think that in a start-up environment, an ability to cover as many aspects as possible increases the ability of the new team member to succeed.

Company Description

OperantAI is a Conversation Intelligence platform for collection agents and customer success teams. We believe conversations are the most under-leveraged asset in organizations today, and that having good, effective conversations, and learning from the insights they contain is the biggest lever to growing revenue. We use Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning to unite sales conversations into a single dashboard, allowing collections and customer service teams to identify what works to increase their conversion rates. 

OperantAI is a fast growing, start-up and part of the prestigious NextAI program, a global innovation hub for artificial intelligence related venture creation with access to world-renowned faculty and scientists, a network of top business leaders and entrepreneurs, and access to cutting edge AI tools. 
If you are looking to tackle hard problems alongside a cross-disciplinary group of leaders in their respective fields, we would be thrilled to meet you! Our founders have three exists and deep experience building large, scalable technology companies.