Posted March 8th 2017

Position Description

We?re looking for a key person with similar core values as us, which means you want to positively change the world too! You believe that a mesh platform can be a key enabler of distributed financial transactions and want to be a game changer in that space. We are in need of an expert in crypto-currency and security systems looking to work with the next generation of mesh networks. You are highly technical, deeply analytical and not many speak your language. But we admire that about you. You thrive in a culture that isn?t afraid to try new things (maybe fail once or twice) and challenge the status quo.

About the Job: So, what will this role involve?

? Working with a team of world-class technical rock-stars to design, develop and integrate your knowledge into existing projects and help build the core communications technology.
? Utilising your expertise to integrate established blockchain or cryptocurrency related APIs and libraries into our codebase and/or creating new implementation specific to our codebase.
? Live, eat and breath security through: brainstorming, whiteboarding, design, documentation & implementation of potential security, trust, and encryption mechanisms within our library.
? Identify and select existing libraries, integrating them as well as develop new code.
? Find comfort in making whiteboard presentations, defending ideas, and being challenged by an engaged and passionate team.
? Come on, you know you want to audit our existing code too, right?
? Play (more professionally known as ?build?) and test proof-of-concepts, evaluating their performance and documenting the process.
? Ensure all code is stable, secure and developed in a way that makes it easy for both 3rd party developers and end users to use and deploy.


? You?ve woven your passion into earning a Bachelor?s Degree in CS, Computer Engineering or other related fields.
? Experience with Java, our language of choice.
? Experience with Android Studio, Git, Unit-testing, deploying apps on Android & iOS.
? You can passionately explain the inner working of various encryption and security schemes, identify their strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the performance and implement them.
? You have proudly developed and released APIs/libraries that are used in other projects.
? You have developed P2P and decentralized applications, contributed to the networking and security.
? Your understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can confuse mere mortals.
? You are happy to show us your contributions to open source and can provide git repositories with contributions.
? You learn new concepts fast and through your ability to communicate with highly-technical material and experts.
? You have high expectations of yourself and others because you believe the impossible is possible.
? Your communication skills (oral, written, and with other cultures) are one of your many assets.

Additional Information

Compensation and Next Steps

Your salary will be competitive and based on your experience; however, we are a start-up and, as we build this out together, we will all share in the upside and increased compensation as revenues increase for the brands you are involved in.

If you are interested in working on a world-class platform and business, then please send us a recent resume (online links are fine) along with your salary expectations to You can also cite your Git repo too in your note. No phone calls or unexpected visits please because we have developers here and they are easily startled.

Left is a small, but growing company. Fit and a willingness to learn is more important than experience. Thanks in advance for considering us.
Learn more about Left or about our hot project at

Company Description

If you haven?t heard of Left before, we?re a technology company based in the suburbs of Vancouver in Maple Ridge. Our award-winning Community Engagement Program and our top-notch culture have led us to win an award as ?Best Workplace BC? and be recognized by the BC Tech Association as the best in BC for ?work, life, and play?. At the heart of our business (what you?ll be working on), we?re building a platform to connect the next billion people without infrastructure using a fully-distributed mobile mesh network for Android and iOS mobile phone platforms, along with IoT devices. Since this mesh platform is a distributed, decentralized communications tool (this is where you come in) -- it is a natural fit for decentralized ledgers and blockchain types of technologies. We can hardly hold in our excitement about using both as a means to enable real-world financial transactions, but also to establish trust between devices and account for whether or not a device is behaving as expected in the mesh.

Where does all this magic happen? We might have the coolest office space in the Lower Mainland (BC), complete with a games room, library, lots of beer, and a plenty of silly people. We are purposefully located out in the ?burbs so that our employees can live and work in their community. If you do commute, it?s only 40 minutes against traffic from downtown Vancouver, and we?re just across the Golden Ears Bridge, so we are extremely convenient for all the talented people in the Fraser Valley. And speaking of sky-high real estate prices, you actually have room to breathe out here and can afford to exhale. Are you ready to change the world yet?