Posted June 26th 2017

Position Description

FundThrough is searching for a purposeful, innovative, and relentlessly resourceful Content and Influencer Marketing Manager to help us engage the community and deliver powerful insights to our small business audience.


You will be responsible for engaging the small business community and creating resources that help owners overcome cash flow challenges. You can start by:

  • Owning the strategic content plan to drive lead-generation goals
  • Researching the barriers to growth small business owners face and developing insights we can transform into actionable, authentic and amusing data-driven content for our audience -- including but not limited to videos, whitepapers, research studies, blog articles and more
  • Developing content for print and digital mediums and through every stage of the editorial process; planning, researching, drafting, publishing and promoting
  • Writing purposefully -- which means ensuring that the content we share has a measurable goal, a clear message and a specific target audience
  • Creating and updating the editorial content calendar
  • Tirelessly championing the small business community, accountant and bookkeeper community and fintech community inside FundThrough and out into the world
  • Identifying and building rapport with the key influencers who carry our message of cash flow hope further into the (galaxy?) small business community
  • Reporting on and becoming the single source of truth for key content marketing metrics including readership, engagement, conversions and return on ad spend; always being the first person to ask ?how can we triple this??
  • Drafting killer content and web copy that uses your unique voice to say what needs to be said from FundThrough


To be successful you likely identify with most or all of the following:

  • You know how to research, write and share a great story online
  • You?re comfortable designing creative assets for use online and in print
  • You learn from mentors - inspiring your craft by channeling your heroes into the work that you do
  • You?re fluent in web metrics and can draw the marketing funnel on a napkin
  • You?re scrappy, relentlessly resourceful and can deliver a project without a lot of oversight - and you?re not afraid to ship
  • You have a bright personality and a knack for making new friends

You have many of the following skills or would enthusiastically learn the rest along the way:

  • A working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • The fundamentals of SEO and SEM
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media advertising
  • Project management
  • An understanding of small business finance, asset-based lending and cash flow

Additional Information

This role requires a post-secondary degree.
The Content and Influencer Marketing Manager reports to the Director of Marketing.

Company Description

FundThrough removes cash flow barriers from small businesses by giving owners instant access to working capital. With an account on our online funding platform, users can advance funds from their unpaid invoices to cover expenses, scale operations and grow the business. FundThrough has helped thousands of owners in the U.S. and Canada overcome cash flow gaps and grow their business. Visit for details.