Posted April 6th 2017

Position Description

As Community Manager, you will be responsible for developing relationships within the Montreal and global AI community and showcasing Maluuba?s thought leadership in the space. You will work closely with Maluuba?s research and applied teams and identify opportunities to promote our research papers, datasets and product applications. You will plan, organize and manage an active series of events for Maluuba to participate in and further reinforce our thought leadership in deep learning and reinforcement learning research.


  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and cross-functional teams to plan content based on upcoming research outcomes, event participation and other activities.
  • Relationship Building: Identify, nurture and strengthen relationships to secure opportunities for Maluuba to be showcased through keynote speaking, presentations, panel participation, special projects and other initiatives coordinated with the following communities:
  • Academic: such as universities as well as specific university schools, departments, incubators and student organizations.
  • Government: local, provincial and federal including relationships with ministers and departments focused on science, technology, research and innovation.
  • Event organizers: from small-scale meetups and groups through to premiere international events.
  • Businesses: commercial organizations where there may be opportunities to collaborate on either AI research or the application of research.
  • Thought leadership: Securing opportunities for Maluuba team members to publish guest blog posts, editorials and take part in features, interviews and events.
  • Monitor the market to identify key influencers that could help advocate for Maluuba, while also keeping abreast of competitor activities and programs.
  • Manage Maluuba?s social channels including Twitter, Linkedin and the Maluuba blog, ensuring a steady cadence of high quality content is shared throughout the year and around key events such as global AI conferences.


Company Description

Maluuba?s goal is to achieve Artificial General Intelligence by teaching machines to think, reason and communicate like humans. We?re an early leader in using deep and reinforcement learning to solve language-understanding problems and in training machines to model the decision-making capabilities of the human brain. Based in the global AI hub of Montréal, our team consists of experts in their respective fields.